Thank you for interest in Crosser genealogy.  We hope we can help provide you with valuable information on Crosser Family History.  Our web site focuses on the U.S. descendents of German born Johann Adam Grasser (b 1724) and his wife Maria Magdalena Bard (b 1721).  If you are looking for Crosser descendents from Scotland, Ireland, or other countries, we will unfortunately not be able to help you.


The Family Tree tab of this web site lists approximately 20,000 of our relatives and has a more complete list of the surnames included in our genealogical research.  But the primary surnames are Ackerman, Archer, Balvanz, Bard, Boddy, Clapsaddle, Crosser, Farrill, Grasser, Holbrock, Jones, Klein, Santee, Scharn, Sharar, and Slagle.


The German name Grasser transformed in the United States to Crosser between approximately 1760 to 1820.  Click this The Grasser Surname link for additional information on this topic.


Johann Adam Grasser and his family arrived in the American Colonies in the fall of 1749 through the port of Philadelphia. The primary core migration path for his descendants in the United States began in  southeastern Pennsylvania (1750 to 1800).  Then they migrated primarily to eastern Ohio (1800 to 1820), to central Ohio (1820 to 1835), then western Ohio (1835 to 1855), with a final destination in Iowa (primarily Hardin County) and other surrounding Midwestern states.  One of Johann’s sons did move to North Carolina and thus their descendants took an alternative migration route across the Southeast and South Central U.S.  Today, there are Crosser descendants across the United States.


Our genealogical research has just begun, but we want to share what we have so far.  Additional content will be added to this site as it becomes available.  We would love to hear from you regarding your questions, recommended corrections, or any additional information that you have to share with us.  Please also share your old pictures with us.  We will add them to our photo gallery.  Our e mail address is grasser@crosser.co.



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