Family Tree

Our free Family Tree database is extensive and includes genealogical and historical information on approximately 40,000 individuals.  The most common surnames in the database are Ackerman, Archer, Bard, Clapsaddle, Crosser, Farrill, Grasser, Holbrock, Jesse, Jones, Klein, Santee, Scharn, Sharar, and Slagle.  A number of our relatives are German descendants that lived in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa and other surrounding Midwestern states.  Please click here to view the tree.


Within the Family Tree tab, you can view the tree, search for specific genealogical information or individuals, create lists of historical family information, view events that occurred on a certain date, and run various reports.


We are still doing research and plan to refresh the Crosser Family History database of our genealogical research with new or revised information every quarter or so.  If you find anything that does not look correct or if you have questions, please e mail us at  You can also ask questions or provide answers and comments out under the Crosser Forum tab of this web site.


Our Mission

Our Mission at Crosser Family History is to accumulate and disseminate information on our family history (free of charge).