Our goal at Crosser Family History is to accumulate historical information on the areas of the country our ancestors lived during the time period in which they lived there.  We feel it is important to provide some historical context for the major areas where our relatives lived.  But it will take us some time to to do that!

Life in “Germany” – Pre 1750


1725 – 1775 Immigration to the American Colonies

German Immigration.  While this article is long, it does provide some great information on German immigration.

Gottlieb Mittelberger, a German, Describes the Difficulties of Immigration, 1750.  This is an interesting article that provides a personal account of the difficulties of immigration from Germany to the American Colonies in 1750.

Passage to America, 1750.  This article provides interesting perspective on what it was like to emigrate to the British Colonies in 1750 (which is the timeframe when Johann Adam and Maria Magdalena Grasser arrived in the British Colonies).


Pennsylvania 1750 – 1800

German Settlement In Pennsylvania – An Overview.  This article describes the german settlement in Pennsylvania.


 The American Revolution 1775 – 1783

Wikipedia article on The American Revolution.

Life in Ohio – 1800 to 1850

Columbiana County

Richland County, Ohio

Wood County, Ohio


Rowan, North Carolina 1750 – 1800

The Civil War 1861 – 1865

Wikipedia article on The Civil War.


Early Iowa History 1856 – 1900


 1850 – 1900 History of Hardin County, Iowa

1875 Hardin County, Iowa History.  This is a summary resource for the history of Hardin County, Iowa, with 20 years or so after or ancestors arrived there.

Hardin County, Iowa – Atlas 1875.  This is an 1875 map of various locations in Hardin County, Iowa.

1883 History of Hardin County.  There is a reference in this document to Milton J Crosser b 1822.

Historical Pictures of Eldora, Ia.

Historical Pictures of Eldora, Ia 2

History of Pleasant Township.  This is the township Adam C Crosser b 1795 and other relatives moved to when they first came to Iowa.

Hardin County, Ia Historical Records.  Provides an index to the location for various types of historical records for Hardin County, Iowa.

 Military Conflicts in Foreign Lands 

Military History of the United States.   Summary of military history of the United States.

World War I (1917–1918).  Wikipedia article.

World War II (1941–1945).  Wikipedia article.

Korean War (1950–1953).  Wikipedia article.

Vietnam War (1964–1975).  Wikipedia article.

Persian Gulf War (1990–1991.  Wikipedia article.

War on Terrorism (2001–present).  Wikipedia article.

War in Afghanistan (2001 -present).  Wikipedia article.

Iraq War (2003 – 2001).  Wikipedia article.


Our Mission

Our Mission at Crosser Family History is to accumulate and disseminate information on our family history (free of charge).